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Name + Lauren aka Lottie :)
Age and date of birth + 16 23/06/88 I expect cards.
Sexual preference + Steven. I mean, erm...straight. sort of.
Location + Sunny ol' Leeds woo.
Hair colour + ahhaha. I have no idea, blacky, browny, reddish, with a hint of purple.
Eye colour + browny/green, they change.
Tattoos and piercings. All if any + ears. Im so XCOREX
Three bands + Guns n' Roses. Greenday. The Darkness.
Three movies + Single White Female. The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The lost boys.
Favourite actress + Sandra Bullock. She's fucking HOTT.
Favourite actor + ermmmmm. George Cloony. I want him to rape me.
Minimum of three pictures + haha...here we go...

I wear my sunglasses at night!!!

Ok, so...Im fucking hott. ahha. yeah riiight.

You see this face? RAPE IT!

Lend us a cig mush!

It won't suck itself love.

ooo...were getting nakey.

and..she smiles, with her lawng hair.

Everyone looks better in black and white.
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Woo, hoe yes!. because. You. Rule.

Thank yooo (K)

You rule too. :)
A person. Congratulations, you took our application virginity (Y)
So..Was that a 'Yes' or a 'No' ??

Hurray for me being a perve. :D
That would be 'Yes' :)

And because I'm one of these mod thingys, I'm going to stamp you.

Hurray :D

w0o0o0o0o. *offers self cookies*